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Wars are won with clear strategies plus excellently executed tactics; that is how you overcome problems. Corporate affairs is no different. De Wintern understands strategy and can articulate how it meets your objectives.


Reputations are hard won and easily lost. So much effort goes into building reputation yet little to none into protecting it. Up to 80% of crises can be avoided using clever reputational risk management.


Campaigns are won when the silent majority are given a greater voice than the noisy minority. Win your campaign by identifying, engaging and mobilising your supporters using Obama-like tools.

Our Services

We provide the services you would expect from a world class agency as well as many services you will only find available at De Wintern. Our reputational risk and crisis management services are second to none globally. To build and manage grassroots campaigns that build real political capital we have secured rights to world leading technologies that make campaigns both effective and affordable.

Corporate Affairs

Whether it be strategic advice, short term projects or a long term retainer, De Wintern supports organisations through solving complex problems. We offer:

Reputation Management

Helping companies avoid a crisis is what sets us apart, but if you are in a crisis then we are the team you want in your fox hole. We do:

Campaign Management

Campaigns are complex, multi-dimensional and must go beyond lobbying. Technology allows us to efficiently develop grassroots support.

Updated News

Australian Gift and Homewares Association

When the Australian Gift and Homewares Association needed to fight against losing one of its key assets, the August Gift Fair, it chose De Wintern for its ability to mobilise the support of its members and turn that into political pressure to ensure the AGHA keeps getting a fair go.

Universities Australia

Universities Australia chose De Wintern to assist them in building a grassroots campaign to highlight the value universities bring to the Australian economy and to the lives of all Australians. The campaign is also working to convert the very high passive support levels that the sector enjoys into real political capital to give the industry body a strong political voice. Learn more


Petitions, form letters, or Facebook likes won’t move government policy. Politicians only care about real actions taken by real people. To assist campaigns in generating those real actions, De Wintern can offer Caimpaig.nr, North America’s most compelling campaign tool.