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De Wintern campaign strategy wins national award

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The De Wintern Group was a part of the team behind the campaign strategy of Universities Australia’s campaign ‘Keep it Clever’, which has recently been awarded the Government Relations Campaign of the Year 2015: Services Sector.

Despite having overwhelming popular support (approx 80+%) the university sector was vulnerable to funding reductions over a number of budget cycles. De Wintern was engaged to turn that intangible support in to actual political capital.

Universities Australia’s campaign aimed to call public attention to the importance of well-funded university education and research sectors and how it impacts Australia’s future. You can access the ‘Keep it Clever’ campaign at http://keepitclever.com.au.

Data has shown that an overwhelming percentage of Australians support proper funding for universities. Those numbers, however, don’t necessarily translate into protection from budget cuts.  De Wintern’s stakeholder engagement strategy mobilised 10’s of thousands of people to write to their MP arguing against budget cuts.

“Our methodology recognises the power of mobilising real people to take real actions and amplifying their voices in the democratic process”, said De Wintern CEO, David Van. “Politicians can choose to ignore petitions and opinion polls but they cannot ignore their voters.”

Our approach incorporates the use of tools and technologies from North American politics to enable  citizens to ensure they are heard by their local MP. By building grassroots advocacy and support, De Wintern is able to turn intangible support into tangible and measurable outcomes.