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Last year I was lucky enough to be voted on to the Board of the PRIA.  I ran because I had long stood ‘outside the tent’ and complained about the PR industry having such a bad reputation and decided that instead of just bitching about it I would ‘get inside the tent’ and do something about it.

In order to contribute I wrote a briefing paper setting out what I saw were two keys issues holding the industry back.  The first was that there was no clear pathway for practitioners to follow as so often they found themselves adrift in the broad church that is our industry.  Secondly, as there is no barrier to entry to the industry anyone can say they do PR or some specialist area of it and sell their services.  With no quality assurance these people often fail and it tarnishes all practitioners’ reputation.

My briefing paper sets out a new structure for the industry that provides both a pathway and QA and at the last meeting the board voted to bring in this structure.  This has been tasked to a board committee on which I also sit.

Any questions please ask me at david@dewintern.com or download my paper here – PR Industry Briefing Paper Report by David Van