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Interning abroad – a note from Sara, our Swedish intern

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Internships are often associated with mundane tasks such as coffee making or standing next to the photocopier all day. Thankfully, that was not the case when I stepped into the De Wintern office for my 3 month internship.

At first, I saw my internship as simply a requirement I needed to fulfil for my university degree. But my time at De Wintern has affirmed that undertaking an internship is something which should be seen as a great opportunity, both for the intern as well as the company – it facilitates an exchange of experience and newfound ideas.

Hailing from Sweden, I took my internship as a fantastic opportunity to learn in an international environment. Not only would I be learning about the ins and outs of the industry, I would also be basking in the hot Australian sun – not to mention escaping the near total darkness that comes with the Swedish Winter.

Suffice to say, interning abroad takes studying abroad to a whole other level. It is not simply about working in another country, but rather, it allows you to improve your professional and personal skills in a truly organic experience. I have enjoyed being able to use the information I have learnt from university and put it into practice. De Wintern’s guidance has helped me improve my professional skills as well as give me valuable insight into the PR industry. An added bonus of being an international intern is that I got the opportunity to learn how to communicate across cultural barriers and witness a mix of cultures from the front row.

I strongly recommend anybody from overseas who is considering an international internship to seize the opportunity. I was able to gain international business experience, improve my English, experience a new culture and see a part of the world that I can now cross off from my bucket list. Because of my positive experience at the De Wintern Group, my interest in exploring a career in PR will continue on into the future.