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Current campaign tools are old and blunt. Petitions don’t work, form letters get binned, advertising raises awareness but not action, polling shows support but support does not equal political capital.

Political capital is built by people, but people are hard to motivate even if it is in their interest to do so. That is why grassroots campaigns achieve a lot with relatively few followers. To get people to email, call or meet with their legislators, you need to make it extremely easy and quick for them.

Technology allows us to build grassroots campaigns that have real political capital. De Wintern has brought some of the most sophisticated campaigning techniques to Australia. What works is real people taking real actions to deliver real messages to the ears of government, regardless of which side is in power.

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Data collection and analysis
  • One-click activism
  • Web portal design and build
  • Email and social media engagement
  • Supporter activation, mobilisation and amplification
  • Field team coordination and multiplication