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Counter Activism

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Counter Activism

Millions and millions of dollars of investment or shareholder value can be eroded by NGO’s or other special interest groups that lobby on behalf of a social cause or issue. They can pose a significant problem for companies as they can boycott, lobby, or participate in other behaviour that can invoke negative media attention.

It is more important than ever to ensure that your company has access to methodologies to dull the threat of misguided activism and negative lobbying. These parties can threaten not only your industry’s reputation, but it can affect your daily operations and social licence to operate.

That is why we understand it is unwise to ignore activists that are often disproportionately vocal. Just because they may be wrong doesn’t mean they won’t impact your corporate goals.

Depending on the issue facing your company, De Wintern can guide you through the appropriate use of counter-lobbying, public or government engagement, campaign management, or negotiation to ensure that your interests are protected against unmitigated damage brought on by external parties.