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Telephone Town Halls

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Telephone Town Halls

In today’s society, people want more than just to receive information – they want to shape it and make their opinions count. Community or ‘townhall’ meetings are perfect for this, however getting people to a venue is difficult.

Telephone town hall meetings are the perfect answer to allow you to make participants feel connected, engaged and empowered. Our technology platform, Teleforum, is a virtual ‘town hall meeting’ that enables your campaign to talk to audiences from a few thousand to millions at one time.

Powered by Broadnet, Teleforum is an outbound telephone based communication tool that allows entities such as businesses or not-for-profits to connect with an audience, whether that is their members or supporters, or other target group.

Teleforum is like a mass conference call with the difference being you call them and not the other way around, making it easier to target audiences that would not otherwise actively participate. Teleforum is also cost competitive in comparison to other forms of marketing, such as direct mail.

Telephone Town Hall
Keep your participants engaged with these features:

Q&A: Participants interested in asking a question are first pre-screened, then they are put into a Question & Answer queue. If their question is selected, they will ask it live during the call. All participant questions are captured in reporting.

Polling: Polls can be planned in advance or on demand. They are used to capture audience data, such as perspectives and interests, and to increase participation.

Voice Mails: At the end of the call, you can request that participants respond to certain questions or provide feedback via voicemail.

Reporting: Following each event, detailed reports show participation types and times as well as detailed polling data.