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Corporate Affairs

Corporate affairs, public relations, media relations, public affairs — these are the various ways to describe what De Wintern does. What is different about De Wintern is how we do it. While other agencies are quick to put the word ‘strategic’ in front of everything they do, we truly and deeply understand how to build a clear, achievable strategy that will meet your organisations objectives. Not every project needs a written strategy, but they all benefit from our approach, skills and experience.

De Wintern thrives on the very toughest of communication challenges. We do believe that any problem can be solved with strong analysis, clear strategy development and perfect execution.

Strategic Counsel

We devise clearly defined communication strategies that are derived from thorough analysis and research to ensure a company’s objectives are reached.

Media Relations

Most PR firms have a reputation for annoying journalists. De Wintern don’t. Why? Because we know how, and more importantly, who to pitch a story to.

Media Training

A company’s image and reputation is built on the way executives present themselves to the public. Therefore, media training is essential for anyone wanting to properly and confidently deal with the media with clear messaging.

Investor Relations

A successful communications programme that targets the financial community can build investor confidence in a company.

Social Media

When in the rush to be on social media, stop and ask ‘why?’ Social media can be the greatest channel to not just talk to your stakeholders but, more importantly, to listen to them.

Internal Communications

Internal communication strategies engage employees to promote a company’s goals and values, as well as increase employee morale, loyalty and productivity.