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Our Approach

De Wintern is strategic, methodical and effective in its approach, having built a proprietary planning process based on the best academic foundations available, then refined and proven over many years for high profile clients. Our approach is underpinned by a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, their objectives and the various stakeholders they need to influence. This new model is based on communications theory which, put simply, says that to achieve its objectives an organisation cannot and does not operate in a vacuum. Every organisation is reliant on a vast diversity of stakeholders to help it achieve (or to at least not get in the way of achieving) its objectives.

The benefit of an overarching communications strategy is clear corporate positioning and active reputation management, which will positively influence how stakeholders interact with the organisation. A thoughtful and proactive communications strategy will leverage positive opinion to influence others and defend against negative opinion.

The solid foundation that our approach provides ensures that campaign strategies developed by De Wintern help clients minimise risk, control issues, engage supporters, generate media coverage and enhance reputation. When reactive reputation management is unavoidable, our methodology means we can capture and control the process.