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Our Philosophy

Building influence is more important than building awareness. Too many campaign’s focus on creating awareness whereas they should focus on engagement. A campaign will be far more successful with 1000 active supporters than it will with 100,000 people aware of it. Whether it is a marketing campaign or a political one, if a campaign fails to engage and activate people to do something (buy, protest, vote, write, call, recruit, etc) then what has it achieved?

Building reputation requires more than simply building awareness; it also requires building recognition and recommendation.  De Wintern’s approach to public affairs prioritises strategic planning to meet a client’s objectives. At its heart, this approach identifies the communication problem that needs solving and then applies our unique methodology to provide solutions.

The end result will be a programme that builds influence across an organisation’s full range of stakeholders, building engagement or at the very least, identifying and removing blockages. It will improve awareness both in terms of quantity and quality, but more importantly it will improve engagement, recognition and or recommendation from a range of stakeholders. This builds credibility, and credibility builds reputation.