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Reputation Management

Reputations are hard won and easily lost. Crisis management is not a substitute for reputational risk management. Up to 80% of crises can be avoided using clever reputational risk management. So much effort goes into building reputation yet little to none into protecting it. Reputation management requires looking at both sides of this equation. Reputational risk is complex but not impossible to manage and as such there is no reason to leave your hard won reputation vulnerable. De Wintern are global leaders in helping organisations identify reputational risk and building systems to help you manage it.

Crisis Management

Bad things can happen to good companies. That is why it is crucial to be prepared and to act quickly to ensure that the damage to a company’s reputation is minimised to the greatest extent possible.

Reputational Risk Management

80% of crises can and should be prevented. De Wintern has global expertise in identifying, mitigating and managing reputational risk.

Crisis Response

Boom! Something has happened, you know it’s bad but you don’t know how bad… what do you do next?
We know.

Reputation Remediation

Once a crisis has occurred, it is imperative for companies to quickly implement a communications plan to remedy the situation and to restore the company’s reputation.

Issues Management

Prevent a full-scale crisis from occurring by anticipating, handling or mitigating issues that arise in your organisation. By consulting your company on potential threats, De Wintern can help you protect your reputation and act early on identified issues.

Litigation Communication

Litigation can have a dramatic impact on a company’s reputation. Strategies that support the legal position can be implemented before, during and after the legal process to protect reputation.