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Litigation Communication

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Litigation Communication

Litigation presents a real challenge to reputation as the media attention that inevitably follows is not always positive.

At De Wintern, we work alongside the legal team in order to help manage a company’s reputation before, during and after the legal process and ensure the media are reporting on the matter accurately and objectively.

We are able to implement a communication strategy to support the legal position whilst still delivering a successful public relations result, one that eliminates or minimises damage to reputation.

De Wintern has vast experience in working with clients involved with the courts. We have advised clients through ICAC inquiries. We have also advised clients through three Royal Commissions as well as regulatory (ACCC and ASIC) and commercial actions and can provide some unique insights about how to align reputation management and the demands of the legal system.

  • Litigation
  • Corruption inquiries
  • Senate inquiries / Senate estimates
  • ASIC / ACCC / APRA investigations and actions
  • Royal commissions