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Reputational Risk Management

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Reputational Risk Management

It is clear companies value their reputation highly yet many leave it vulnerable with poor risk management practices. Such a valuable asset requires proper management, and management means policies, processes, tools and systems. “We’ll keep an eye on it” is not management.

Reputational risk is complex but not impossible to manage. De Wintern offers a complete framework of tools and services that help companies to identify, manage, mitigate and resolve reputational risk. This framework involves several separate components including audit, assessment, mitigation plans, monitoring and reporting.

Crisis management is vital but it is not a substitute for reputational risk management. A system that manages risks, issues and crises professionally is the smart solution. De Wintern has built its reputational risk management system over the past 10 years to assist companies in managing this risk. The framework is modular allowing companies to utilise some or all modules, including:

  • Reputational risk audits
  • Reputational risk appetite assessments
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Risk monitoring
  • Emerging risk scanning
  • Stress testing
  • Reputational risk management capability assessments